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Cameron Buttazzoni

  • Designer

  • Engineer

  • Programmer


        Using skills and knowledge I have gained through my life I have completed a variety of engineering design related projects, and as I learn more, will continue to build on this list and improve myself as an engineer and designer. I am a great out-of-the-box thinker who loves to come up with interesting and unique potential solutions to problems. I enjoy coming up with solutions, and developing ways to make them work, through problem solving and critical thinking. Additionally, I am eager to learn new things and my curiousity to discover "why?" enables me to gain an increased understanding of projects I tackle, and therefore increases my proficiency in completing them.


        To date, some of the most notable projects I have completed are: a variety of computer programming tasks in python, C, and Matlab, dismantling common objects to further understand how they were designed, and numerous group projects including: conceptually building a truss bridge, designing and constructing a matboard bridge, designing a solution to the binder ring misalignment problem, and finding a way of improving the effiency of the unloading process at Scott Mission in Toronto. Through numerous team projects I have developed the ability to be a strong team member to ensure the success of our group. I tend to take initiative in making sure we organize and plan our process, and also make sure every member is given ways to benefit the whole team.


        In the future I plan on further pushing myself, learning new skills and further developing other ones so that I can continue to improve myself as an engineer, designer and programmer. I will undergo more design projects, and team tasks to further improve on my engineering design process, and put into practice what I currently know. Additionally, I will start learning to program in more languages to broaden my repertoire, as well as continue to practice the languages I already know to further strengthen my abilities in them. Looking through my portfolio I hope you find evidence of my accomplishments to date and how they represent what I’ve learned so far, my eagerness to further myself in all aspects of my life and my plans for future growth. Over time, I will only become a stronger engineer, designer and programmer, and I will make sure I am always bettering myself in everything I do. 

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